Maria Rosa Motta

Owner of the Tensegrity Pilates Studio

  • Naturopath, (2001, Riza Psic., Milan)
  • Pilates teacher with the COVATECH method (2006, A.M.Cova, Milano)
  • Yamuna Body Rolling teacher (2011, Yamuna Zake, N.Y.) Core Align teacher (2013, J. Hoffman / Balanced Body Univ. Sacramento, CA.)

Sacramento, CA.) "The body moves naturally harmoniously. In the course of one's life, situations can arise that forcefully break into the balance of the person, bringing somatic and psychic tensions. In the Tensegrity study I propose exercises that, consciously practiced, enable us to challenge those that are our limits in the movement, in order to find a Renewed Harmony. "


Giulia Lonati

Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences, (2017, University of Milan)

  • Teacher STOTT PILATES Matwork LEVEL 1 (2013, STOTT Pilates, Milan)
  • BOSU complete Introduction (2015, STOTT Pilates, Milan)

"With Pilates, my life has changed: more strength, energy and happiness!"


Rita Lonati

  • STOTT PILATES Teacher Matwork LEVEL 1
  • UNIVERSAL REFORMER (2017/2018, STOTT Pilates, Milan)
  • BOSU Workshop (2017, STOTT Pilates, Milan)
  • Student of Dramatic Art (ZeroNove Academy, Milan).
  • Singer of the "No Borders Band" group in Cassano

"Pilates, I suddenly fall in love with it. He could only go this way! "