Yamuna® Body Rolling

It is a precise technique that scrupulously adheres to the shape and directions of the forces present in our body: the ball follows the functional path to movement with a rhythm linked to the breath.

It allows an increase in muscles tone and joint flexibility in order to improve the perception of one's body and obtain overall relaxation.

Thanks to the draining effect due to the massage, it improves the blood circulation through the oxygenation of the tissues.


Yamuna® Foot Fitness

Our feet endure many tensions, remaining almost all day closed in shoes that create contraction and tension.

The work with the feet on the Foot Wakers, small hemispheres, stimulates, tones and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

It allows to increase the range of the movements not only in the foot but also in the legs, in the pelvis, in the torso and in the spine.


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